Who We Are?

PT Orbit Ventura Indonesia (OVI)

PT Orbit Ventura Indonesia (OVI) was established in 2015 to facilitate a better understanding of how science and technology can improve the lives of citizens in developing countries. Based in Jakarta, OVI connects stakeholders in Indonesia in multiple fields such as science, technology, engineering, innovation, arts and culture. Working with partnerships from all over the world, we will apply world-class thinking and multiple sources of knowledge to Indonesia. With today’s creative applications of digital technology, we are able to reach all corners of the world to interact with generations of all ages and create a vibrant digital-based community management platform.

Ilham A. Habibie

Chairman & Founder

Sachin V. Gopalan

President Director & Co-Founder

Wan Nor Zaleha Radzi

Executive Vice President

Haris Abdullah

Director Marketing

Maria Indawati

Director Operations